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Step 4 - Writing the Self-Study

Preparing and Submitting your Self-Study

Once support has been obtained and you have finished the anaylsis of your prorgam(s), you are ready to begin writing.  There are several things that may help you complete the task: 

First, if you do not have a copy of the CACREP Accreditation Manual, it would be a good idea to order one.  Detailed information on procedures and processes are presented in the Manual.

Second, since all self-studies under the 2009 Standards must be electronic, you should read the Electronic Formatting Guidelines.

Third, CACREP offers a workshop, "How to Write a CACREP Self-Study" to give participants hands-on experiences with self-studies and specific information about the application process.

Finally, some programs hire a consultant to read their first draft and review where changes and editing are needed.

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