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Step 7 - Institutional Response

Responding to the Team Report

Upon receipt of the Team Report, the CACREP staff will send a transmittal letter and copy of the report to the institution’s president/CEO, along with copies of these documents to the Dean, Department Chair, and Program Liaison.  The institution is allowed 30 days in which to respond to the relative accuracy of the team’s report.

The Institutional Response to the team report should be clear, explicit, and standard specific.  In order to facilitate the integration of supplemental information into the accreditation process, institutions are requested to use the following format for the Institutional Response: 

1)      State the team’s requirements for each standard marked as “not met.”

2)      State the institution’s response for each standard marked as “not met.”

3)      Attach any supporting documentation to support #2 above.

4)      Provide four (4) electronic copies of the Institutional Response to the CACREP office.

The Board will consider the Institutional Response in rendering the final accreditation decision for the program.  All of a program’s accreditation materials, including the Institutional Response, must be in the CACREP office 30 days prior to the start of a Board meeting in order for the Board to include the applicants materials on the meeting agenda.

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